NPS Minuteman Missile
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  • 6. Soft Support Building

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    Soft Support Building

    The low concrete deck is the top of the Soft Support Building. Its box-like roof is about one foot above ground, but below the surface, the walls are another 11 feet deep. It houses electrical and environmental equipment that provide ‘life-support’ for the missile.  

    Foremost among these is a large generator. Launch Facilities ran on commercial power, but in case of outages, the generator would automatically start and provide electricity. The launcher itself had emergency batteries, but without this auxiliary system, the missile could have been disabled. Reliable electrical power and a backup was essential to maintaining the missile at the ready.

    The Soft Support Building also contained a secure, direct phone to Delta-01, and a chiller unit which regulated silo temperature and humidity and cooled electronic systems. A stable interior environment was vital to the system working at peak efficiency. The temperature inside the launcher remained near 60 degrees, optimal for the missile and its computerized components.