NPS Minuteman Missile
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  • 19. What’s Inside

    Interior layout of Delta-01

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    What’s Inside

    At the far west end of the Launch Control Facility there were seven bedrooms, ensuring extra space for maintenance and security teams caught by bad weather. The cook had a large, well equipped kitchen to prepare anything from meals from scratch to fast food to foil pack meals. The foil packs were entrees prepared, frozen and shipped to Ellsworth Air Force Base from the kitchens at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The day room was a large, multipurpose room where you could eat a meal, read a book, play cards, or watch TV. The southeast side of the building has a communication equipment room, water treatment room, and boiler room that are accessed through exterior doors. 

    The Security Control Center was the office for the Flight Security Controller, located behind the large windows that look directly at the front gate. From this office, the Flight Security Controller controlled access to the main gate and coordinated with their Security Alert Teams over the radio. The Flight Security Controller was the primary security contact for the missile officers in the Launch Control Center.

    In the three rooms between the Security Control Center and the front gate of the facility there is an air handling room that provided air conditioning and filtration to the Launch Control Center, a diesel generator for backup power to the Launch Control Center, and a recreation room with exercise equipment.