NPS Minuteman Missile
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  • 11. Hidden In Plain Sight

    Delta-01 while in active use, 1992.

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    Hidden in Plain Sight

    Welcome to the Delta-01 Launch Control Facility and Launch Control Center.  This tour begins in the parking lot and each stop will take you closer to the Launch Control Facility. Access inside the gate is available on a reserved tour only. 

    The six acre fenced compound you see in the distance was not a secret, but the millions of people who passed it on Interstate-90 may have dismissed it as nothing more than a ranch house.  Imagine though, if you were one of those innocent passersby and had glanced at the strange structures contained within the fence. Why were there so many antennas, and what were they for? What would you have thought the structures were? What went on inside the fence? How did this remote outpost contribute to America’s Cold War defense? 

    Along the walk to the front gate, additional stops will explore the features to be seen through the fence at Delta-01.